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I Hit Curbs - DIY Kit (Sparkle & Shine)

I Hit Curbs - DIY Kit (Sparkle & Shine)

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Introducing "I Hit Curbs" – the playful and relatable first keychain design in our I Make Keychains DIY Kit collection. 

Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out, the "I Hit Curbs" keychain adds a touch of humor and personality to your set of keys. Embrace the lighter side of driving mishaps and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting this unique keychain. Get ready to hit the road with style and a sense of humor with the "I Hit Curbs" keychain from our DIY kit!

There's so much fun inside!

What's in the box: 

  1. Acrylic Blank 
  2. Keyring and Plastic Connector
  3. Pre-weeded Vinyl with Transfer Tape 
  4. Parchment Paper
  5. Sand Paper/Nail File
  6. Glitter (Color may vary)
  7. UV Resin (25g)
  8. Wood Manicure Stick
  9. Nitrile Gloves
  10. Instruction Card
  11. Video Tutorial Access

Highly recommended (not included):

  1. UV LED Lamp or Direct Sunlight (for curing the UV resin)
  2. Jewelry Bead Reamer or Hand drill (for accidental resin overspill in the keyring hole)
  3. Two sheets of scrap paper (to protect your workspace)

For your convenience, we have a recommended UV LED Lamp and Hand Drill available in our Amazon Storefront*

*Eligible for commission

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