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I Make Keychains

I Hit Curbs - DIY Kit (Sleek & Simple)

I Hit Curbs - DIY Kit (Sleek & Simple)

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The perfect starter kit for beginners and those with minimal crafting experience. Create a stylish keychain effortlessly with our user-friendly, all-inclusive set. You'll transform from a crafting novice to a keychain-making pro in no time. 

Introducing "I Hit Curbs" – the playful and relatable first keychain design in our I Make Keychains DIY Kit collection. Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out, the "I Hit Curbs" keychain adds a touch of humor and personality to your set of keys.

There's so much fun inside!

What's in the box: 

Sleek & Simple

  1. Acrylic Blank 
  2. Keyring and Plastic Connector
  3. Pre-weeded Vinyl with Transfer Tape 
  4. Parchment Paper 

Are you a more advanced crafter or a beginner looking for a challenge? Our Sparkle & Shine Kit could be just the right fit for you. Take a peek here.

 NOTE: No glitter or UV resin are included in this kit.

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